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Reading Agatha Christie Books | Endless Night

After failing miserably at keeping up with the bookish challenges & resolutions, I was resolved to do only the GR Reading Challenge this year. However, I had to reconsider the decision, when the gusto for AC Books by the fellow Bookstagrammers started growing on me day by day. The discussions about her books and TV series lured me into their groups, and soon I too had to start reading AC books. So, I've decided to peruse a Agatha Christie book each month.

I decided to start by reading the books I already own. I read ENDLESS NIGHT in this month and will be reading more of Christie's works in the coming months. So, stay tuned for more news...

Strapped by a chauffeur's wages, Michael Rogers' want of a better life seems out of reach. Especially elusive is a magnificent piece of property in Kingston Bishop--unil a chance meeting with a beautiful heiress makes his dreams possible. Marrying her is the first step. Building the perfect home is the next. Unfortunately, Michael ignored the local warnings about the deadly curse buried in the tract of land, and living out his dreams may exact a higher price than he ever imagined.
Praised as one of Agatha Christie's most unusual forays into gothic, psychological suspense, this novel of fate, chance, and the nature of evil was a personal favorite of the author's as well.
'Every Night and every Morn
Some to Misery are born.
Every Morn and every Night
Some are born to Sweet Delight,
Some are born to Sweet Delight,
Some are born to Endless Night.'

Intentionally or not, Agatha's heroine croons the lines of William Blake's Poem- Auguries of Innocence- to her husband, whom she loved so dearly. And soon, it becomes the story of their life.

ENDLESS NIGHT is centered around a mystery surrounding an old house called 'Gypsy's Acre', which the young couple - Mike and Ellie- purchases to build their dream house. They start to live there, ignoring the warning by an old gypsy woman to leave the place before any mishaps occur and soon the curse becomes real.

It is a cleverly written psychological thriller by Agatha Christie- the Queen of Crime Fiction. There is no murder taking place till you reach the last part (the story is written in 3 parts) and by this time, the readers start to doubt whether it's a mystery or a thriller.

We get so much involved in the family drama, thus the readers fail to see who the murder is when the characters are getting killed finally. The characterization of the villain is brilliantly done, the readers get distracted and are tricked into looking somewhere else for clues to solve the crime.

Author's effective writing builds up a tensed, gloomy and Gothic-like atmosphere, which really helps to enjoy the story - the readers can feel the danger looming behind the walls, though they can't see it clearly. It kept me guessing till the last chapter and was surprised once the secrets were revealed.

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommended? YES.
You'll enjoy ENDLESS NIGHT if you like crime fictions or mysteries. It was written in 1967, so don't compare it with the top psychological books of this century. You'll be disappointed then.
Have you read this book or watched it in Miss Marple series? Did you like it? 
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