Monday, 17 October 2016

The Ultimate Guide for Surviving A Book Buying Ban

Admit it! The book buying bans are terrible and painful. It's worse than our favourite book series coming to an end or even an endearing character getting killed in the story. At least to me, it is so. I easily forget what happened to the characters and tend to move on with the next book within a few days. But, the book buying bans are horrible- it nags me to the core for most of the day. And each time, I open my Instagram account, all those books scream silently at me and shouts "BUY ME NOW". Then comes the awful part when you got to skip all the reviews and discussions and even looking at the beautiful covers of those newly printed books. 

Things were pretty much easier before I became a blogger and #bookstagrammer. However, at present, it has become impossible as getting a Camel through the eye of a needle. BUT, I DID SUCCESSFULLY SURVIVE A BOOK BUYING BAN FOR 5 MONTHS. I'll tell you how I did it. Scroll down, please.    

1. Prioritise your goals 
You might think that prioritising the goals is the most difficult part. Oh, it isn't at all. It simply means that books can be read at any time, but your dreams can't simply wait any longer! Do it now or never. Put your effort and time where it's needed the most. Once that's over, you can always come back to your books, knowing you tried or didn't postpone any important plans. 

2. Read the books you already own.
Don't we all have a minimum of two large stacks of unread books on our shelf? Read them before you venture out to hunt down more books to read. Dust them off and crack open those pages to know why is everyone fervently talking about it, even now. You might have some books, which you have kept hidden, for you were unable to cope with all the publicity it received. Read that book now. You will enjoy it, without a doubt.

3. Brainstorm ideas for bookish posts
Something like this post; though, I had this notion during my blogging break. I was busy preparing for exams when I had a self-imposed ban. I had abandoned my blog since I didn't have any new reviews coming up. But, my mind was full with various topics for interesting bookish posts and I just had to note them down. Try doing that! I'm sure you've read enough books to talk about your favourite authors, books or recommendations. Write it down!. 

4. Take advantage of free books.
You are banned from splurging on books. Who said you aren't allowed to find free books? huh! Also, it makes you inexplicably happy. Some kind-hearted authors make their (kindle) books available freely, now and then. Mostly on Fridays. Browse through the Amazon Wishlist to know which is on the offer and download it. Apart from that, you can also snatch books from Bookbub, Gutenberg, and mobile apps that helps you download books for free (mostly Classics, though).

5. Visit the library often
There are libraries in every nook and cranny of the world. Get a membership as soon as possible and enjoy the liberty of access to an abundance of books. It was a tad difficult for me at the beginning, for I preferred to keep the books and never ever entertained the idea of returning them. Even so, after my first visit, I found myself at the library, every other week. 

6. Treat yourself with a reward 
A bookish box, bookish merchandise, a bundle of books, a kindle or any other item that you covet. I went to a bookstore and returned home with four pretty, chunky books. 

7. Be Creative on #Bookstagram
Bookstagram was quite a distraction for me, during the book ban period. Being creative with the photos is seriously addictive and entertaining too. The active participation in the Bookish Discussions also helps a lot. The tricks and tips I learnt, have enhanced my photography skills too.

8. Challenge yourself
Seemingly, the book ban might sound weird to all those, who aren't bookworms. They might say that's the stupidest thing they have ever heard and you are fretting over nothing. Alas! What do those poor souls know anything about the feelings of an ardent reader? This is a monumental and onerous challenge for us. So, yes. Consider it as one of the biggest tests you've got to face and make it happen! YOU CAN DO IT: and can, perhaps, skip the ban next time, saying you've already done it.

Have you ever been banned from splurging on books or had had a self-imposed one? How did you survive it? For how long? 
I would love to hear it.
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