Monday, 1 August 2016


During the early week of July, I had taken a decision to read more backlist books and quite happy to say, I did actually stick with it. There are many books on my shelf, which are bought in a frenzy and gathering dust from lying neglected for a while. Anyhow, this month I made an effort to stay away from all those hyped/anticipated releases and indulge in perusing books I already own. The result was excellent, as I could read whenever my heart desired to and the absence of an overwhelming urgency to review, made it even more enjoyable. 

I also apologise to publishers/authors for not reviewing their titles as promised, for I was desperately in need of a break due to all the busy-ness and priorities in life. (one of the prime reason behind this BIG decision). Halfway through the month, the Monsoon came with a bagful of assorted diseases and my husband and I were unfortunate enough to catch a very bad fever. It took nearly two weeks to get better, and still not completely recovered, though. Thus, I was not able to read books as I had intended and had to narrow down the list to a few.

In short, I did read only 4 books in July. 

THE GUESTBOOK by Holly Martin
Rating: 5 Stars
A delightfully amusing, captivating and cheerful story with a heart-warming setting and charming characters that only Holly Martin can create. She introduces readers to a handful of characters, by allowing us to glance through a guestbook, in which the guests of Willow Cottage have penned several journals. The story will instantly put readers in a happy mood and wrap them in a comforting warmth and  loveliness. In the author's words, THE GUESTBOOK is "such a marmite book", and I'm happy to agree with that. Highly recommended! 

COTTAGE BY THE SEA by Carole Matthews
Rating: 3 Stars
If you fancy a bookish vacation in an aesthetically pleasing cottage by the sea, amongst a group of quirky characters, then A COTTAGE BY THE SEA is the book for you. The setting of the story is fabulous and rich with splendid descriptions of a life by the sea, and will make readers longing for spending holidays or living by the sea. I envied the joyous days, the main characters had. However, the story was pretty predictable from the beginning, which sort of made the reading less interested than I expected; it means "I liked the story", but not "really liked it". 

Rating: 5 Stars
I seldom did read books by Indian Authors in these last couple of years, for I was busy burying myself under a heap of novels by foreign authors. The #BookstagramIndia has done me a huge favour in terms of pulling me back to a world of familiar, relatable and remarkable novels by Indian writers, with their tireless promotions, lengthy rants, and reviews replete with their love, affection, and admiration towards their favourite authors.

Inspired by those fervent discussions, I picked up LESSONS IN FORGETTING from my bookshelf and soon realised what a precious GEM is it. The story revolves around a man and a woman, inundated with the tormenting chapters of life, crossing their paths and finding solace in each other again. Anita Nair's powerful, meticulous, in-depth and elegant writing is capable of unsettling the mind of readers, just like the protagonist's, by stirring strong emotions inside their heart. There were moments I kept the book aside as I felt exhausted, from continuously watching characters suffer and also the moments when I longed to jump inside the story to soothe their mind with comforting words and a reassuring hug. Albeit, being such a novel, it had me hooked and found myself impatient for knowing the rest of the story. The protagonist, Meera has taught me to stay bold and poised, even when in distress and fight courageously for a life, I yearn to live. Lessons in Forgetting is a book that will stay with me forever, without a doubt. An amazing book, in short.  

Rating: 4 Stars
Rose Island is an ideal place for contemporary romance fiction lovers to get lost in, to relax and chill down in this summer. Darcy has come to the White Cliff Bay with the prospect of starting a new life there and soon, she finds herself fighting to save the lighthouse from getting it demolished by the town council. Darcy is accepted by the community as one among them effortlessly and falls head over heels in love with the handsome lighthouse owner. SUMMER AT ROSE ISLAND is Darcy and Riley's gorgeous love story and their fight to save the lighthouse, the legacy of Riley's family and the centre attraction of White Cliff Bay. 

An exhilarating, heart melting summer tale with an overdose of romance. Holly Martin's writing is magical and bewitching, the romance will make the readers swoon over the hero and captivate them till the last page. The protagonist's interest in sea life and sharks add an another interesting layer to the story. And revisiting my favourite characters was exciting too. SUMMER AT ROSE ISLAND is an another perfect romance fiction from Holly Marin and very befitting for a summer read. Sip your lemonade and get lost in Rose Island in this summer. Highly Recommended!

How was your July? How many books did you read? Have you read any book I mentioned here? Do you read more backlist books or new releases? Let's talk!

Happy Reading!