Thursday, 7 July 2016

A ROBOT IN THE GARDEN by Deborah Install

Author: Deborah Install
Genre: Science Fiction
Publishers: SOURCEBOOKS Landmark
Publication Date: 01 May 2016
For fans of THE ROSIE PROJECT and THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHTTIME, A broken man and his damaged robot build an unlikely friendship-with some assembly required.

Ben's really great at failing at things-his job, taking the garbage out, and being a husband. But when he discovers a battered robot named Tang in his garden, he decides to get out of his couch-ridden comfort zone. Without a crucial bit of machinery, Tang will stop working, and Ben can't let that happen, especially since he's already alienated everyone else he cares about. Determined to achieve something for once in his life, Ben sets out to fix his new robot comrade and soon discovers that Tang might be just the thing to fix what's broken in Ben. Funny, touching, and charming, A Robot in the Garden explores what it is to be a man, a sentient being, and a friend.
Have you ever imagined the world, where androids and robots are treated equally to men and them nearly capable of everything we humans do? You might say, those are just machines of no feelings, but what if an extraordinary man achieves to develop a machine that can think, feel, and act like men? Delirious, right? or amazing, huh? In A ROBOT IN THE GARDEN, Deborah Install spins such a story of a unique robot, who won the heart of the protagonist as well as mine.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Monthly Wrap-up : June

Time has just whooshed by! Already into the seventh month of the year and I feel like I haven't reached anywhere with my personal goals. The days are going to be hectic ahead, for certain. It doesn't mean that I will not be reading any books, but less of course. It also appears that my taste in reading has matured and widened, I am constantly hunting for rather diverse, serious and real-life related books nowadays. Suggest your favourite books, please. Because, I've also decided to stop running after the ARCs and start reading the remarkable works that I haven't read yet. (After all, we can never read all the books available in the world. Can we?).