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In Between by Jenny B. Jones

In Between

Written by   : Jenny B. Jones
Published in : April 15th 2007
Genre          : Christian Fiction


Can we overcome our past? 
Katie Parker is about to get a new life—whether she wants one or not. With her mom in prison, and her father AWOL, Katie is sent to live with a squeaky-clean family who could have their own sitcom. She launches a full-scale plan to get sent back to the girls’ home when she finds herself in over her head...and heart. When Katie and her new "wrong crowd" get into significant trouble at school, she finds her punishment is restoring a historic theater with a crazy grandma who goes by the name of Mad Maxine. In the midst of her punishment, Katie uncovers family secrets that run deep, and realizes she's not the only one with a pain-filled past. Katie must decide if she'll continue her own family’s messed up legacy or embrace a new beginning in this place called In Between.



What was I thinking, when I picked this novel up? I think, I was looking for a light but pleasant read and once again, I chose to believe in the reviewer's words. Ah! (insert a sigh and a smile here) It was a right decision; very pleasing story!

I loved Katie Parker and her story. Her innocent, funny dialogues will give you ample of laugh-worthy moments. Katie's Mom is in Jail, Dad is AWOL, she is sent to live with new Foster Parents, James and Millie in a place called In Between. Katie's fears are depicted through her crazy imaginations, which made me love her from the beginning. Gradually, her insecurities are replaced by determinations and hard work to restore the happiness in Foster Parents's life. She realizes the mistakes she made, start choosing good friends, start working on scoring good grades, actively participate in church activities, which she detested once and learns to pray.

I enjoyed the change in Katie's attitude and personality. All the characters were ordinary, nothing unbelievable or extraordinary. This book has a great plot and excellent characters and heart-touching end, which can well up your eyes with tears. You will love each of them, especially the Foster Grandma, Mad Maxine, an energetic personality with a youth's heart and soul.

In Between is a 'make-you-feel-good' christian novel, which can help you brush up the 'Faith in God', deep in our heart. An important lesson is reminded through Katie's story, i.e. God has a plan and purpose for our lives and all things happen according to His plans.

I am looking forward to read the sequels soon. Recommended to teenage girls/adults.

My Rating

Happy Reading!

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