Friday, 17 July 2015

The Wish List by Jane Costello

The Wish List

Written by     : Jane Costello
Published in  : 2013
Genre            : Chick lit

Things to do before I turn thirty

1. Sleep under the stars
2. Become an internationally renowned interior designer
3. Jump out of a plane
4. Find the man I'm going to marry...

There are six months left of Emma Reiss's twenties... and she has some unfinished business.

Her career is all wrong, her love life is a desert and that penthouse apartment she pictured herself in simply never materialised.

Moreover, she's never jumped out of a plane, hasn't met the man she's going to marry, has never slept under the stars, or snogged anyone famous - just some of the aspirations on a list she and her friends compiled fifteen years ago.

So, as Emma hurtle towards her own thirtieth, she sets about addressing these issues. But, as she discovers with hilarious consequences, some of them are trickier to tick off than she'd thought…

It's raining pitchforks these days and I am reluctant to travel anywhere. I just love to curl up inside my cozy velvety blanket with a book and a cup of tea to perk me up and my mother's piquant banana fritters to relish in between ;).

I was pondering which novel to read next. My bookshelf has stacks of to-read books and was terribly  baffled about which one to read. I was looking for a simple and lighter book and I found this pretty book cover among a pile of books and the blurb sounded like fun. Really enjoyed reading it. I chose correctly :D. I am happy that the book can be moved to my read session now.

An awfully delightful read! I have not read any Jane Costello works before. I ordered it online when I was a wee bit frenzied over Chick-lit genre books. It's pretty cover allured me enough to order it ;).

'The Wish List' is the story of Emma, who accidentally stumbles upon a wish list, she made with her friends years back. It is a list of crazy dreams, they wanted to achieve before hitting big Three-Oh. The epiphany about only a few months left before 30th birthday,  forces her to make up mind on accomplishing some of the wishes in the list before the birthday. The story revolves around on how Emma tries to complete her wishes. (Right, I am resisting myself from giving away spoilers :P ). 

I loved Emma. She is so original. I adore her awesome friends and swooned over Matt ;) and joyful for her Dad and Deb. A very pleasant read. I guffawed many times at reading this hilarious novel. It has many witty incidents and humorous talks, which will make you cackle with laughter.     

Another thing I liked about it is everyone in the story has a happy ending. I am hooked on such novels in particular and hence fond of this novel too.  

I devoured it in a few days. I couldn't literally put it down. Why wait? Add it to your TBR list now itself:).

My Rating : 4/5
Happy Reading!